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From "Brad Miller" <>
Subject RE: New to the list and ready to help out.
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2002 02:42:39 GMT
~~~~> ~~- Creating a DTD to match the format we are using.  I'm a little
~~> ~~about this, since we would need to include a big chunk of xhtml, and
~~> ~~I'm not sure how much value it would have in the end anyway.
~~> We can open up the DTD so that it will accept anything between certain
~~> It
~~> all depends on how strict you want to get with it. I will play around
~~> some ideas.
~~Sounds interesting.  I didn't know you could do that.  (There's alot I
~~don't know about DTDs!)

It sounds like the DTD might be a great place for me to start. If anyone has
any suggestions on rules
for it let me know.

About the strictness of it, do we want to make sure that everything already
written validates or do we want to go
back through stuff and modify it (if necessary) to conform to the DTD?

Can anyone point out a couple specific files to use as examples? I am sure
that since there isn't a DTD yet that we have some
differences in format. Or should I just say, hey, here is the DTD and the
format is now this! We can always tweak it from there.
I will definetly try to stick as closely to what exists of course but when
we get right down to it there will have to be some mods, I'm sure.

Thanks for all the Windows suggestions on cvs. I wiil try to get that setup
this week.

Brad Miller

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