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From Daniel Lopez <>
Subject Re: XML docs and Comanche (fwd)
Date Sun, 17 Feb 2002 23:29:23 GMT

> > b) About what Rich is mentioning, what I was thinking is making the directive
> > definition structured, so it can be parsed programmatically. I have in
> > Comanche something along the lines of:
> >
> > <directive type="number">
> >  <name>Port</name>
> >  <default>80</name>
> >  <range><min>0</min><max>65536</max></range>
> > </directive>
> >
> I hadn't really considered this second part.  It goes somewhat beyond the
> question of documentation as such, and could be quite complicated to
> implement.  I notice you chose a simple example ;-) Could you show what
> you do for some of the more complex directives? (variable number of
> arguments, etc)

With a simple subset you can cover all apache directives. You can see
examples, downloading comanche, in the directory

For example the require directive can be a either valid-user or a list of
users or a list of groups:

<structure label="apache1.3_coredirs_require" style="normal" name="require"
   <boolean label="apache1.3_coredirs_validUser" name="validUser">
   <list label="apache1.3_coredirs_users" name="users">
          <string label="apache1.3_coredirs_user" name="user"/>
   <list label="apache1.3_coredirs_groups" name="groups">
           <string label="apache1.3_coredirs_group" name="group"/>

> Basically, you are talking about a much more structured format for the
> <syntax> tag that we currently have.  This would certainly be useful under
> some circumstances.

Yes, converting the docs from html to xml is a big task. This should be
considered much later on. But it would open the door to many interesting
posibilities, sucha as an XML based configuration language for Apache.


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