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From "Joshua Slive" <>
Subject RE: pdf of docs
Date Fri, 16 Nov 2001 14:53:56 GMT
> From: Rodent of Unusual Size [mailto:Ken.Coar@Golux.Com]

> I would *really* rather we didn't start deleting/moving stuff
> until we have worthwhile replacements..  You've now put us
> without any PDF docco anyone can reasonably find, with no
> prospects for fixing the situation. :-)  As for out-of-dateness..
> has the docco *really* changed that much?

Woops.  I had a fealing I might irritate the rodent ;-)

I did it because I have heard several complaints about the current pdf.
(Not your fault; just that the tools we have are bad.)  My impression is
that many people are downloading that pdf and are dissappointed with what
they find.  Admittedly, I have no way to know how many people downloaded it
and are perfectly happy with what they have.  I just got sick of fielding
complaints about it.

I will move it back if you want (and change the name to make it even more
clear that it is not the current docs).

> > 2. Create a comprehensive site-map that lists every page on the
> >    site in the order we think they should appear.  Then conceivably
> >    (I haven't tested this) Acrobat could be instructed to put the
> >    pages in the order of the site-map.
> I wouldn't bet on it.  A third option would be to use the site-map
> (which is a good idea, but more hours of work) into some form
> that would be usable by FOP or some other of the Apache publishing
> helpers.

I don't have Acrobat handy, but I seem to remember that there was a way to
make it grab all the links from a single page in order.  The problems only
start when you ask it to grab links several levels deep.  Then it has no way
of knowing the proper order.

I did start on a site map at one point, but I never found a good way to do
it.  (If someone could just provide a file with a linked listing of every
<title> in the docs, that would be a decent starting point.  But I could
never find a program to generate that simple thing.)


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