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From James A Sutherland <>
Subject Re: First cut at a redesign for
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2001 15:25:17 GMT
On Friday 02 November 2001 2:59 pm, Joshua Slive wrote:
> > From: James A Sutherland []
> >
> > I like the look of it, but is there really a need for the extra
> > abstraction
> > of going XML->HTML? I think the page would work much better as a
> > single table
> > of straight HTML. It's a great layout, though...
> The XML is very simple and includes only the content of the page without
> extra formating information or the side menu.  The transformation is
> necessary so that we can alter the look and feel of multiple pages on the
> site without having to edit every single html page.

All of which can be done using a combination of CSS and SSI: mark your 
headings with <h1> and your paragraphs with <p> and that's it. (I'm using 
inline style="..."  rather than a style sheet, which makes the <h1> tags a 
little nastier-looking, but helps Netscape 4 rendering.)

> I'd like to have the same thing for the httpd docs, but I don't have the
> time to put into it at the moment.

If we can use SSI for the docs pages (then "freeze" the pages using wget to 
build the snapshot including in each httpd tarball?) I'd be able to update 
the docs to use this layout etc.


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