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From "Ronald F. Guilmette" <>
Subject A small suggestion for improving mod_rewrite documentation
Date Mon, 12 Nov 2001 21:23:30 GMT


On the page:

in the section that describes the RewriteCond directive, the following
confusing text appears:

   Remember: CondPattern is a standard Extended Regular Expression with
             some additions:

May I humbly suggest that it would be a Good Idea to make this reference
to the (ambiguous) term "standard Extended Regular Expression" be a hyperlink
to some page where that term is clearly defined?

I mean hay!  Which type of "standard Extended Regular Expressions" are we
talking about here?  POSIX standard extended regular expressions, or Perl
compatible standard extended regular expressions?

(I am new to mod_rewrite, so I have no idea which kind of "standard extended
regular expressions" are to be used in this context.)

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