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From Justin Erenkrantz <>
Subject New website...
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2001 23:23:46 GMT
Based on the message Josh forwarded to the list this morning, I've
been working on a redesign of the site.  So, I'd
like to get more feedback now that I've placed it on a
publicly-accessible site.  =)

daedalus:~jerenkrantz/httpd-site2 contains the source tree.

I'll try to keep daedalus up-to-date with my local changes until 
it lands in CVS somewhere.  

Action items required:
- Obtain an image with the correct text (Apache HTTP Server Project,  I can't do image manipulation.  I tried.
- Check this into CVS.  Should I remove what we have in httpd-site
  now and replace it with this (see ~jerenkrantz/httpd-site2)?
- FAQ.  I started working on redesigning it, but this is going to
  be a bit tricky.  Ideally, the FAQ should fit in the Anakia/XML
  template model, but we also distribute it in the tarball.  Ugh.
  Maybe we shouldn't touch this?
- Take what is left from and move it over to 

I've already "converted" the front page and the About Apache page.
I tried to clean up the formatting where possible, but I definitely
welcome any improvements and suggestions to what I've already done.

My goal is to get the content manageable.  =)  If the content gets
updated in the process, cool.  =)  -- justin

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