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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Type-map files
Date Sun, 02 Sep 2001 19:48:47 GMT
I'm still missing something from the documentation for content
negotiation, and want to make sure that I am understanding this
correctly before I add something incorrect to the docs.

What you do, if I'm getting this, is to do an AddHandler ...

AddHandler type-map .var

and then create a file called foo.var which lists the various
representations of the resource called foo. Is that correct? So a given
directory may contain multiple .var files - in fact, is rather required
to contain multiple of them, one per negotiated resource? This
particular point is not clear in the docs, which seems to imply that you
might be able to just create one .var file that listed all the resources
for the entire directory.

Either way, whether or not I am correctly understanding this, the docs
need to be more explicit on this point, since it is not immediately
apparent from the docs what the AddHandler directive is doing here,
where the .var file is to go, and what it is to contain. (ie whether you
list one or more than one resource per file.)

The docs point off to the sample configuration file for more details,
which seems rather backwards to me. But I don't see anything in
httpd-std.conf which enlightens me any further.

Thanks for any pointers on this. I know I'm probably just overlooking
this somewhere, as I did the first time, but I rest in the defence that
if I can't find it, neither can the average docs user.

Oh I have slipped the surly bonds of earth
And danced the sky on laughter-silvered wings
 --High Flight (John Gillespie Magee)

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