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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: New Dinamic Load Balancing system for Apache
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2001 19:47:52 GMT
> From: Iniaki Fernandez Villanueva <>
> Subject: New Dinamic Load Balancing system for Apache
> Hi,
> I am a computer engineer and last year I developed my Final Year Project
> with Apache and Linux. The name of this project is "Dinamic Load Balancing
> on a Web Server System" (in spanish) and I researched several possible
> distributed architectures which support increased loads on popular web
> sites by dispatching client HTTP requests transparently among multiple
> server nodes. After this I designed and implemented a GNU solution based
> on one of these architectures, whose centralized dispatcher receives all
> incoming requests and distributes them among the Web-server nodes through
> the HTTP's redirection mechanism. The dispatcher uses SNMP to obtain
> information from servers (availability, load, etc). This system, which is
> written in Perl and uses the FastCGI Web server interface and the Apache
> Web server, is scalable, multi-platform, fault-tolerant and achieves a
> good performance. 

This sounds like an interesting project.  Understand that the ASF does not
endorse or adopt any project development under the GNU regime, simply 
because it interferes with commercial distribution, which the ASF actively
encourages.  That doesn't lessen the significance of your project, it
simply makes it inappropriate to build upon or distribute within our
development framework.

> I wonder if it would be a good idea to publish this code in some way. The
> major problem is that all the comments of this code are written in spanish
> and that my English is not very good. Now I don't know if I will be able
> to publish this code writing a web page in the next months... (and I
> wouldn't be difficult to develop it better and evaluate it without the
> necessary equipments now that I'm not in the Univesity).

I'm forwarding this to the apache-docs project.  If anyone conversant in
both Spanish and English is interested, they can contact you directly to
offer their assistance.  This is certainly the best place to find Apache
focused translators ;)

> I know other similar Linux projects like LVS (it works at kernel level)
> but I think that it's better if I ask you what I can do and if there is
> someone who could be interested in this project.
> Many thanks in advance for your suggestion. I look forward to hear from
> you.

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