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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Type-map files
Date Sun, 16 Sep 2001 21:26:03 GMT
From: "Rich Bowen" <>
Sent: Saturday, September 15, 2001 10:54 PM

> > Yes, this is correct.  Also, note the following behavior.  If the user
> > enables Multiviews, requests index.html, and creats an index.html.var file
> > amoungst other index.html.xx variants, the index.html.var file _WILL_
> > take precedence over the filename's extension parsing!
> >
> > They are no more required than multiple language versions.  However, you
> > can note that parsing a .var file is far less CPU intensive than scanning
> > for matching files.  Of course, if the system does _both_ (and hits a .var
> > file while looking at all the Multiview variants) it can sometimes be more
> > expensive.
> Would it be desirable to add .var files to the documentation itself.
> This would (in my mind anyway) have two effects. It would improve the
> performance of sites serving Apache documentation, and it would provide
> lots of examples of how to do .var files.
> Or is this just one more thing to maintain, and one more thing to get
> out of sync? I suppose if someone added a translation, and did not add
> it to the .var file, someone would notice pretty quickly.

I think your second instinct is more likely.  The .var file was added since
previously undefined languages are frequently added for the default index.html
translation.  We've seen many errors because the user failed to update httpd.conf
when they upgraded their default htdocs directory.  Rodent's idea of a script
to auto-create these .var maps is interesting, but perhaps not required as a
default (it could even 'fix' the s/Multiviews// and add the typemap handler,
if the user 'fixed' the docs to a specific point in time.)

Multiviews for documents keeps the growth of documentation very simple.  We
don't have new translations therein for the more obscure language translations,
usually it's the more common languages that users contribute [and maintain, in
the long term.]  We don't have the same 'oops - forgot a new language extension'
errors in that area.

It's nice that different parts of the distribution 'excersize' different parts
of the server - Multiviews included.

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