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From Lars Eilebrecht <>
Subject Multi Language Error Documents
Date Sun, 19 Aug 2001 01:42:29 GMT
Hi guys,

as requested, I've committed my current version (with a few
changes) of the multi language error documents to httpd-docs-2.0.
Although I haven't yet seen the commit email. Hmm...

We could add it to 1.3 aswell, but I think we should just
focus on 2.0 here and use my stuff as a base and improve it
for the final 2.0 version.

Please note that I've not yet verified functionality with
2.0, but just 1.3.

If you would like to test it with either 1.3 or 2.0 make
sure you got the following directives in your httpd.conf:

 <Directory /path/to/htdocs/error> 
    Options +FollowSymLinks +Includes -Indexes +MultiViews 
    AddHandler server-parsed .html 
    order allow,deny 
    allow from all 

 ErrorDocument 400 /error/bad_request 
 ErrorDocument 401 /error/auth_required 
 ErrorDocument 403 /error/forbidden 
 ErrorDocument 404 /error/not_found 
 ErrorDocument 405 /error/method_not_allowed 
 ErrorDocument 408 /error/request_timeout 
 ErrorDocument 410 /error/gone 
 ErrorDocument 411 /error/length_required 
 ErrorDocument 412 /error/precondition_failed 
 ErrorDocument 413 /error/entity_too_large 
 ErrorDocument 414 /error/uri_too_large 
 ErrorDocument 415 /error/unsupported_media_type 
 ErrorDocument 500 /error/internal_server_error 
 ErrorDocument 501 /error/not_implemented 
 ErrorDocument 502 /error/bad_gateway 
 ErrorDocument 503 /error/service_unavailable 
 ErrorDocument 506 /error/variant_also_varies 
 AddLanguage de .de
 AddLanguage en .en
 AddLanguage fr .fr
 AddLanguage es .es
 LanguagePriority en de fr es

BTW, some of the error docs are referencing "/error/...",
so it's not easily possible to change the path.

The files "/error/*.xx.html" contain the actual error texts
and some server-side include commands (the files without any
language extension are a symlink to the english version, they
are served if the client has none of the available languages
in his accept-language header; at least for Apache 1.3 this
was kind of a 'feature').
There is almost no HTML markup in these files.

The real HTML markup has been seperated in a few files located
in the directory "/error/includes".

Things to do:

 - Discuss if we want to continue with the current concept
   of the files in /error/includes?
   IMHO the current 

 - Add documents for any new error in 2.0
   (e.g., all the new DAV errors)

 - Some of the document could be enhanced by using some
   new env variables, e.g., the NOTES stuff. IIRC this could
   be very useful for the proxy messages.

 - After his has been done, start adding other languages
   Currently we have English, German, French and Spanish.

Lars Eilebrecht              - "No maintenance": Impossible to fix.

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