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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: mod_mime and encoding
Date Sat, 25 Aug 2001 13:21:05 GMT

On Fri, 24 Aug 2001, Rich Bowen wrote:

> OK, try this on for size:

Looks good.

A couple little points: The thing I quoted was the HTTP spec, not the MIME
spec.  Also, I would probably refer to them as HTTP headers rather than
MIME headers.

If I was to write the same thing, I would have made one big section called
"File Meta-data" (or similar) and placed it above the
"multiple-extensions" section.  Then I would have started by (briefly)
discussing "Content-Type" as a subsection, followed by each of your

Just an idea; it may or may not be better than what you have.
Feel free to commit what you've got.


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