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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject the FAQ (again)
Date Thu, 23 Aug 2001 19:28:17 GMT
Several months ago we had prolonged discussion of what to with the 2.0
FAQ.  I finally committed what I have been working on to docs/manual/faq/.
You can see it at
but it is not yet linked up to other files.

I'm going to take a "clean-slate" strategy here.  I may go through and
move a few particularly crucial-looking questions from the old faq to the
new one, but in general, the new faq will start out empty until we really
figure out what the "frequently asked questions" are for the new server.

The FAQ shouldn't be a dumping ground for documentation.  If something is
frequently asked, it is often because a) it is not sufficiently documented
elsewhere or b) it is documented, but it is hard to find. In these cases,
we should fix the correct place in the docs, and then add a short answer
in the faq that just points to the docs.

Feel free to commit away on the faq, either with new questions, or with
questions you think should be moved from the old faq.  The only quirk in
the structure is that the categories on the main page need to be listed
twice to allow for both single-page and multi-page format.  I'll remove
the old faq in a day or so, once I've given everyone a chance to scream.


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