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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Re: "chapter" on logs
Date Fri, 24 Aug 2001 03:27:36 GMT
Having been rather out of touch with Apache things for 2 or 3 months,
I'm still catching back up on email to the docs list. I came across
this note from Joshua, which apparently nobody responded to, and which
deserves a response, since so much work obviously went into it.

On Tue, 7 Aug 2001, Joshua Slive wrote:

> I have written a first draft of a new document which discusses
> logfiles in Apache.  I did not directly use Rich Bowen's great logging
> tutorial, but I borrowed ideas from it extensively (and the same for the
> older tutorial from apacheweek).
> I'd appreciate feedback, including, but not limited to:
> 1. Is this appropriate for the docs?

Yes. I think that there has been a tendency to err more on the side of
caution than is really warranted, with respect to keeping stuff out of
the docs that is not *directly* about Apache. Stuff like how you
generate reports on log files is not *directly* about Apache, but is
closely enough related that every webserver admin is going to need to
know it.

Plus, as always, I'm of the opinion that more documentation is always
better than less, if it is well-organized.

> 2. Is it at the right level?

I felt that it is.

> 3. What is missing?

Stuff about log reporting. You say that it is beyond the scope of this
article, and I would tend to disagree. I think that it is something
that should be dealt with in at least a little detail. However, I'm
not sure what that would look like. I do *not* think that the ASF
should be seen as endorsing a particular log reporting software
package, so perhaps this is best as is. I'll need to get back to you
on that one.

> 4. What is overdone?


> 5. Should I add sections for pidfile, rewritelog, scriptlog (I'm leaning
> towards yes)


> 6. Should I try to add more general background stuff like "How do I tell
> how many PEOPLE visited my website?"  (I'm leaning towards no)

A paragraph about "hits", "sessions", and various other of the
ill-defined, poorly-understood, misused terms that are common in the
log reporting industry would be appropriate. I could try to write such
a paragraph if you like. But discussing this at any detail is bound to
be a tar pit.

This is a great doc.

And everyone said, "If we only live,
We too will go to sea in a Sieve -
To the hills of the Chankly Bore!"
 (The Jumblies, by Edward Lear)

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