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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject error docs
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2001 19:28:10 GMT
I still haven't actually tried this stuff on a real server, so take this
with a grain of salt.  But anyway, here are some comments/questions based
on a slightly more careful look:

1. Any objection to combining header.html with top.html and footer.html
with bottom.html?  As long as we are saving filesystem mucking, this seems
like any easy score, and it makes the whole setup more clear from my
perspective.  (Once the includes get a few levels deap, I start to get

The same goes for including contact.html and spacer.html directly
in header and footer where appropriate.

2. I'm not sure how comfortable I am with this:
<FONT SIZE="+2" COLOR="#FFFFFF"><strong><!--#echo encoding="none"
var="TITLE" --></strong></FONT>

I know this technique (white text on a black table cell) is common
and it looks nice.  But I'm afraid that there are browsers out there that
can interpret the <font color=... tag, but can't interpret the <td
bgcolor=... tag.  The result would be white on white.

My preference is just a plain old <h1>...</h1>.  (We could even include a
stylesheet if we want to be fancy.)

3. The contact.html includes should probably be wrapped with an if-test
for INCLUDE_SERVER_ADMIN.  I'm sure there are people who prefer not to put
an email address on all these error pages.

4. I'm not sure that I see the point of the cache-control and pragma
HTTP-Equiv stuff.  Shouldn't we be letting the cache decide for itself
whether to cache based on the status code/etc.  Are the caches out there
so bad that they can't be trusted with this decision?

5. Some of the pages include <!--#echo encoding="none"
var="REDIRECT_METHOD"-->.  Is that safe?  Shouldn't those be
encoded in some way to prevent the client from shoving nasty methods at
us, or is this variable safe?

If I don't get answers or objections to these points, I will make the
changes myself.


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