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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject What's the name
Date Thu, 16 Aug 2001 15:10:05 GMT
Just a couple questions to throw out in the hope of achieving some level
of consistency in the docs:

What is the name of this thing we are documenting?  It previously has been
"Apache".  However, this name now has a broader meaning in the context of
the Apache Software Foundation.  I have been trying to reduce my use of
this term when speaking of this specific project, because I believe it
takes away from other projects in the Foundation.

1. Should we try not to use just "Apache" when referring to the HTTP

>From my understanding, the proper name of this server is the "Apache HTTP
Server".  I have been using this when possible.  A common short form is
"Apache HTTPD", which is slightly less unwieldy.  However, Chris Pepper
suggested that I should be writing "Apache HTTP server" and "Apache
httpd".  I can seen an argument for these alternative forms.  This brings
up the question:

2. Which of the following should we use in the docs to refer to
this project?
a) Apache HTTP Server
b) Apache HTTP server
c) Apache HTTPD
d) Apache httpd
e) Apache Server
f) whatever.

Any opinions?

Joshua Slive
Phone: (514) 398-4000 x00417

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