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From Dan Morrison <>
Subject Greetings, and a tip for the Apache docs.
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2001 07:26:41 GMT
Hi, hope I'm not out of line, but I'm going to jump right in here...

I couldn't see any apache-docs archive to lurk in before speaking up,
and I'm really not keen to do the whole CVS thing this evening...

I found in the HOWTO docs
a tiny gap....

"How to redirect an entire server or directory to a single URL"

Is something I've needed to do many times, as clients expand and shift,
however the basic rewrite functionality (appending the old filename to
the new location) is usally the opposite of what we want.

Usually I live with it, but today someone complained.

Both suggestions in the docs are (IMO) unwieldy. I DON'T have
mod_rewrite in (legacy system, sorry) and the last thing I need is yet
another CGI script 'owned' by someone who's no longer accountable.

A quick work-around was to redirect it as a query...

RedirectPermanent /~user

gave me

A: by default means they get the front page, no matter what they wanted.
B: gives the new host the ability to script an intelligent match, if
they so wish.
C: means I don't have to do anything clever or messy at my end.

I'm aware there are some possible reasons why this hack could be
construed as a BAD THING(tm) but... compared to the black magic of
mod_rewrite, it makes sense to me!

Does anyone care enough to possibly add this to the HOWTO or tips, or
shall I simply fade back into the web from which I came?


Internet Support
Victoria University of New Zealand
[04] 463 5821 Ext 5821

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