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From Rodent of Unusual Size <Ken.C...@Golux.Com>
Subject [STATUS] (httpd-docs-2.0) Wed Aug 1 23:45:23 EDT 2001
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2001 03:45:23 GMT
Apache HTTP Server 2.0 Documentation Status File.
Last modified: $Date: 2001/07/11 07:12:53 $

If you are interested in helping accomplish some of the tasks on this
list or otherwise improving the documentation, please join the
apache-docs mailing list by mailing to

For more information on how to contribute to the Apache Documentation
Project, please see, and for an excellent
tutorial on how to get started with making your contribution.


- modules docs
    - mod_suexec: no documentation yet.
    - mod_include: the "INCLUDES_MAGIC_TYPE" x-server-parsed-html
      appears to have been removed from mod_include, but it is still
      present in mod_negotiation, mod_autoindex, and httpd.h.
      Should it be removed from the docs for mod_include?

- man pages
    - Some of the man pages need to be updated for 2.0.  At least
      the httpd man page appears to be outdated, and perhaps other.
      After this is done, the manual/programs/ versions can be

- XHTML conversion
        Status: James A Sutherland <> 
		is working on this.
		Some work is still needed
                to determine what the SSIs should look like.

- MPM documentation
   - Each MPM needs to have a documentation file in manual/mod/
     which lists the directives it provides, and some details
     about its operation.
        Status: Initial outlines done.  Much more details need to be
          filled in.
          - Non unix/windows MPMs still need to be completed.
          - perchild MPM needs some docs.

- Merging of changes in 1.3.
   - There have been many changes in the 1.3 docs which haven't
     been propagated into 2.0.
     Things which need to be merged: ???

- Cleaning.
   - We could use a list of all the docs that can be axed out of 2.0
     because they are redundant or irrelevant.
	Some suggestions on files to axe.  Feel free to comment.
          manual/cgi-path.html (should be documented in mod_cgi.html instead)
          manual/process-model.html (documented in MPMs, eventually)
          platform/perf-* (are these relevant anymore?)

   - Individual docs will need some cleanup. 
        Status:  What docs still need to be touched here?
                 - invoking.html has had a first-pass cleaning done.
                 - misc/perf-tuning.html - needs major rewrite for 2.0
                 - misc/FAQ.html - some old questions could be remove
                                 - is a new format in order?
                 - misc/tutorials.html - mostly not relevant to 2.0
                 - misc/stopping.html
                 - dso.html
                 - misc/rewriteguide.html - needs cleaning in 1.3 and 2.0
                 - misc/known_client_problems.html - mostly ancient
                 - howto/* - some syntax has changed in 2.0 due to 
                             filtering and mod_cgid

- New build process.
    - install.html has had a first-pass rewrite, but needs more
      work to be complete, and needs to track changes/bug-fixes
      in the build system.

- Documentation of new features.
   - This will probably require more input from new-httpd, since
     not many people here follow the development process close
     enough to know what is going on.
        Status: Ryan has two ApacheToday articles which may be useful 
                for this.
	        New features which need documentation:
                    - filters !!!

- Translations
    We appear to have people working on translation into the following
    languages.  These may just be the 'it worked' page, but if so
    the authors of those should perhaps be contacted to help do the
    rest.. :-)  Note that this list is NOT identical to that for the
    1.3 documentation project..!

  [Should we attempt to get a known-current authorlist together? --jsl]

    - Catalan (.ca)
    - Czech Republic (.cz)
    - German (.de)
    - Danish (.dk)
    - Estonia (.ee)
    - Greek (.el)
    - Spanish (.es)
    - Estonian (.et)
    - French (.fr)
    - Hebrew (.he.iso8859-8)
    - Italian (.it)
    - Japanese (.ja.iso2022-jp, .ja.jis)
    - Korean (.kr.iso2022-kr, .kt.iso-kr)
    - ? (.ltz)
    - ? (.lu)
    - Dutch (.nl)
    - Norwegian (.no)
    - Polish (.po.iso-pl)
    - Portuguese (.pt)
    - Portuguese [Brasilian] (.pt-br)
    - Russian (.ru.cp-1251, .ru.cp866, .ru.iso-ru, .ru.koi8-r, .ru.ucs[248])
    - Swedish (.se)
    - Twi (.tw, .tw.big5)
      (is that supposed to be Chinese/Taiwanese?  Because if so, it is using
      the code reserved for Twi..)
    [Need this clarified --jsl]

Things to be done in both the 1.3 and 2.0 trees


* Tutorial on user authentication with Apache.  Rich Bowen has contributed
  his tutorial from ApacheToday, but it needs to be cleaned up and put in
  a good format for the docs.

  - Rich has kindy donated the "4-part logging article on Apache Today"
    articles that will need a little massaging.

* Tutorial on "log files in apache"

  - Chris Pepper <> has offered to look into this.

New User documentation

* Adding more documentation for new users

  - I believe that we'll need to get more info on what is missing, ie.
    user feedback and whatnot. --jsl

Documentation improvements

* Improving the "security docs"

  - More content and better organisation.

* General cleaning and improving of module docs

* Making the directive definitions "less terse" (i.e., adding more
  examples and details to the definitions of the directives)

  - We'll need to audit these and find out which ones need munging, as
    some of it looks ok.  --jsl

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