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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Multi Language Error Documents
Date Sun, 19 Aug 2001 04:03:45 GMT
From: "Joshua Slive" <>
Sent: Saturday, August 18, 2001 10:26 PM

> On Sun, 19 Aug 2001, Lars Eilebrecht wrote:
> > Hi guys,
> >
> > as requested, I've committed my current version (with a few
> > changes) of the multi language error documents to httpd-docs-2.0.
> > Although I haven't yet seen the commit email. Hmm...
> Looks good from here.  I haven't tested them yet, but the
> concept looks right to me.

Looks great here too ... except that we should figure out how to 'roll these together'
into some tighter package.  This list is way long :)

> > The files "/error/*.xx.html" contain the actual error texts
> > and some server-side include commands (the files without any
> > language extension are a symlink to the english version, they
> > are served if the client has none of the available languages
> > in his accept-language header; at least for Apache 1.3 this
> > was kind of a 'feature').
> I don't believe this will work in 2.0 since the mime handling
> revamp by OtherBill.  I think it is very important that
> somebody fixes this in some way, but I'm not going to do it.
> The suggested solution was to add a ForceAcceptableLanguage
> directive that would cause Apache to use the LanguagePriority
> to decide what language to deliver if it can't find an
> acceptable variant.

It's borked two ways (one all the way back to 1.3).  First, the trailing
.html clobers the content-language/content-type, since it overwrites the
entire content-type string.  I was meaning to get this fixed anyways.

Second, some platforms don't have symlinks, that won't work.  And the
ForceAcceptableLanguage patch will go in Monday, so the user gets 'something'.

> Another entry for the todo list:
>  - Add the config for this to httpd-std.conf.  I believe
>    that we should enable it by default.

Not just yet ... let's get the language issues straightened out.  Also, it
loads down the server, dunno if we want to do that to administrators :)


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