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From Chris Pepper <>
Subject Re: New member thoughts.
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2001 14:01:58 GMT
At 8:11 AM -0400 2001/07/11, Chris Johnson wrote:

>      Do we post type-o or grammatical fixes here and is there a format
>for such?


	Yes, please find the original file (HTML, man, pages, or 
whatever), make your changes to a copy, then generate a "diff -u 
page.html page-fix.html" or equivalent, and mail that (preferably 
inline, with no line-wrapping) to this list. Preface the message 
Subject with [PATCH], and we'll verify & commit your changes. 
Eventually, once you have commit access, you can do this directly.

>      Now I've use Apache for many years.  And I've used virtual hosts
>as well.  But this time I wanted to use an SSL VH.  I read the VH
>section many times.  But I just couldn't get the SSL VH section to
>work.  The normal VH section in front worked fine.  But Apache was
>acting as if the second SSL VH section didn't exist.

	I was under the impression that the SSL vhosts were somewhat 
dependent on which SSL module you used  (Apache+SSL or Mod_SSL). Can 
you see if they have clear instructions in their docs? If so, the 
main Apache docs should probably have a warning in our vhost section 
that SSL is a special case, and pointers to the specifics in the SSL 
module docs.

						Chris Pepper
It's Out! Mastering Mac OS X: <>

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