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From Chris Johnson <>
Subject New member thoughts.
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2001 12:11:34 GMT

     I'm new here so please forgive me if I've missed a lot.

     Do we post type-o or grammatical fixes here and is there a format
for such?

     Also, I just spent a week trying to figure something out which I
and others to whom I've talked about this are pretty certain isn't
very obvious from the documentation.  I think the current version of
Apache is 1.3.20.  I'm using 1.3.12. It was the first one for which we
found a working RPM for RH 6.2.

     Now I've use Apache for many years.  And I've used virtual hosts
as well.  But this time I wanted to use an SSL VH.  I read the VH
section many times.  But I just couldn't get the SSL VH section to
work.  The normal VH section in front worked fine.  But Apache was
acting as if the second SSL VH section didn't exist.

     The trick, it would seem, to getting the SSL VH section to work
was that it needed it's own NameVirtualHost directive of the form

     NameVirtualHost ip:443

Without this that section is apparently ignored.  Maybe I'm a little
slow but it took me a week, as I said, to get to the point of taking a
SWAG at puting that in httpd.conf.  I've found nothing in the VH
section that even hints at the SSL VH part of httpd.cond needed it's
very own NameVirtualHost directive.

     I thought it might save someone else some time if the VH secion
of the manual mentioned something about SSL VH needing it's own
NameVirtualHost directive and why.

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