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From "Andy Doran" <>
Subject RE: pathnames in directives
Date Fri, 22 Jun 2001 09:03:06 GMT

I don't have much experience in talking to this group, but I thought I'd
I feel you need to define what level of help you wish to give. If the idea
is to hand-hold a newbie, then this list is obviously no where near
comprehensive. If it aims to define the terms/definitions used specifically
in these Docs, then it is much closer.

> +<dt><em>url</em></dt>
> +
> +<dd>A complete Uniform Resource Locator including a scheme, hostname,
> +and optional pathname as in
> +<code></code></dd>
> +

I find that (without using graphics) this sort of notation reads well:
^^^^   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^
scheme   hostname       path   filename&extension


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