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From Chris Pepper <>
Subject Re: back to the FAQ
Date Fri, 25 May 2001 15:32:59 GMT
At 2:59 PM -0700 2001/05/22, Joshua Slive wrote:
>This is a last call for objections to the new-style FAQ referenced below.
>I am going to commit if I don't hear anything.


	I'd add mention of "apachectl configtest" and checking to 
make sure the right httpd.conf is being used, then reading httpd.conf 
itself -- not sure how many people have problems before they're 
intimately familiar with their .conf files, but I'm sure it's many.

	I'll try to add this in after it's in CVS, and a mention of 

>In addition consider this a plea for advice on what the categories should
>look like and what questions should be brought over.  If I don't get
>feedback, I'm just going to use my judgement, and the result will
>certainly be suboptimal.
>In particular:
>1. What categories of questions do we need?

	Configuring Apache (including "apachectl configtest"), with a 
sub-section on access control and another on virtual hosts (might 
just be a link to the VHost master doc).

	Starting Apache (may be small, but it's not simple, and we 
can give instructions for various specific platforms)

	I'd retitle "Error Messages" to "Troubleshooting and Error Messages".

	Add "How can I help" to the FAQ

>2. Which questions from the 1.3 FAQ should be brought over to the
>2.0 FAQ?  All the ones that are vaguely relevant?  Only the ones
>that seem like they will surely still be FAQs?  None at all?
>Which questions in particular?

>  > The rendered version of the FAQ (SSI processed) is available at
>  >

	I'd change "Apache HTTP Server Version 2.0" to "Apache HTTP 
Server Version 2.0" or "Apache 2 HTTP Server" -- it's not 2.0 yet, 
and it will probably only be 2.0 for a week, before 2.0.1, but this 
should be the FAQ for 2.1 and successors too.

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