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From James Sutherland <>
Subject Updating docs to XHTML
Date Wed, 02 May 2001 14:40:44 GMT
Like the status update says, I volunteered to make a start updating the
docs to XHTML. I've been away for a while, hence the silence, but I'm back
and have (a little) time to work on this!

So, here's my suggested plan:

1. Work on individual pages
	* Lower-case all the tags
	* Add/change the DOCTYPE tag on each file
	* Replace colours specified in <BODY> with <style> tags??

2. Once that's done, look at the common content to each, and "factorise"
it out into included files where possible. Not sure about using SSI for
this - it's not always enabled, so we couldn't use it for vital content...

I've attached a diff for index.html.en for review, to see if anyone has
any objections to any changes there?

Old programmers never die.  They just branch to a new address.
	-- BSD fortune file

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