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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject "It Worked" -> prefaq
Date Thu, 03 May 2001 22:45:22 GMT
Ken recently changed the "It Worked" page to reference the ASF "prefaq".
It had previously referenced, and then all links were
removed because of too many "you stole my porn" emails.

I am fine in general with this decision, but the implementation doesn't
make any sense.  Someone following that link and winding up at the prefaq
will be completely confused.


1. Change the top of the prefaq to make more sense for people following
links to the page.

2. Create a new prefaq specifically for use in the "It Worked" page.

3. Go back to no link on the "It Worked" page.

I think I favour number 3.  There are two classes of people that may be
following the link from the "It Worked" page:

1. Clueless people - People who think that Apache stole their computer, or
whatever.  These people, we really don't want to here from at all.  Many
will not understand any explanation, and it is better if they never find in the first place.

2. People looking for more info.  These people will be confused, or at
least delayed by the prefaq.  They will find the apache site more quickly
with a search engine.

Neither of these classes benefit from the link to the prefaq, so I think
we should just remove it.


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