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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Too gaudy to consider :-?
Date Thu, 03 May 2001 04:01:22 GMT
From: "Rawslyn Ruffin" <>
Sent: Tuesday, April 24, 2001 11:08 PM

> No, Andrew you are not alone in thinking that in general the open-source
> community has design-phobia. Whenever I send links to programming or
> technical pages to my design-centric co-workers they invariably comment
> on how dull those sites look.

I'd agree, more comments inline ...

> andrew mejia wrote:
> > no, not gaudy at all!
> >
> > the 'powered by..' has always been a great idea...  the
> > pride involved in using apache!  :)
> >
> > try left justifying everything.  <CENTER> is so mid-
> > 90's...  also, include a simple stylesheet that will
> > force a particular font and 'feel' for the pages...  i
> > know, in *all* your spare time!  :)

Ok guys... it's going in, but as far tossing <CENTER> and getting around to
tearing down the sunflower wallpaper in my kitchen (_kidding!_) ... 

> > am i alone in thinking that in general the open-source
> > community has design-phobia??  and
> > i'm not refering to your page.  when a user sees
> > that 'congratulations' page, it's more about the task
> > at hand than the design of the page...  i'm not saying
> > that the apache look is bad or even gaudy.  it's just
> > funny to see so many open source websites that are
> > functional versus eye-catching.  the truth is that we
> > geeks are the only ones who see the pages, not the
> > general public... (or ms office 2000 users!  he
> > he...:)

Can I suggest that we will be seeing some general changes here rather soon,
as the XHTML patch is on the table (and will be committed, I'm sure.)  Feel
free to contribute general improvements!  IMHO;

  we are a reference server.  Cool stuff is nice.  Backwards compatibility
  with older browsers is required.

  Style sheets handle this nicely.  An original antique server or text browser
  can display the body, but style sheets allow us to accentuate without breaking
  any clients at all.  Further, the text is 'legible' even with a screen-reader.

  XHTML doesn't break anything (done properly).  It is goodness.

  Client side script is verboten :-)


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