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From Ben Hutchison <>
Subject Please include more docs for .htaccess
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2001 13:00:39 GMT

I would like to request that more documentation on the syntax of 
htaccess files be included. I have over the last few days spent much 
time trying to enable mod_dav support inside a <Directory> directive in 
an .htaccess file. I realize now it isnt possible but I was confused 
because many apache docs mention htaccess in passing and never really 
define its syntax in one place.

I found the information I really needed at CERN (its shown below). Could 
this info be added to the apache docs please?


The .htaccess file can contain the following APACHE core directives, 
provided they are allowed by the server that will parse the .htaccess 
file. We list here directives that work at

Authorization directives:
AuthGroupFile, AuthName, AuthType, AuthUserFile, require, etc...
Document Types Directives:
AddEncoding, , AddType, etc....
Directory Indexing Directives:
AddDescription, AddIcon, AddIconByEncoding, AddIconByType, DefaultIcon, 
DirectoryIndex, FancyIndexing, HeaderName, IndexIgnore, IndexOptions, 
ReadmeName, etc...
Host Access Directives:
allow, deny and order
Access policy:
Specific Directory features:

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