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From andrew mejia <>
Subject Re: Too gaudy to consider :-?
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2001 20:45:24 GMT
no, not gaudy at all!

the 'powered by..' has always been a great idea... 
pride involved in using apache!  :)

try left justifying everything.  <CENTER> is so mid-
90's...  also, include a simple stylesheet that will 
force a particular font and 'feel' for the pages...  i
know, in *all* your spare time!  :)

am i alone in thinking that in general the open-source
community has design-phobia??  and
i'm not refering to your page.  when a user sees
that 'congratulations' page, it's more about the task
at hand than the design of the page...  i'm not saying
that the apache look is bad or even gaudy.  it's just
funny to see so many open source websites that are
functional versus eye-catching.  the truth is that we
geeks are the only ones who see the pages, not the
general public... (or ms office 2000 users!  he

for example:  is kinda boring, but very functional  is very nice  is pretty nice  is kinda boring

i guess we open-source-o-philes prefer functionality
over design 'froo froo.'

your page looks fine!  ...for what it's worth!


ps> see my company site  .  we
do work primarily for SUN microsystems, including and, 
for which i am project manager.

--- "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
wrote: > What do folks think of 
> as a new graphic [ONLY FOR THE ITWORKED PAGE!]
> I expect folks to love or hate it, not much in
> between.
> I have a static of the final image.  Note that the
> file size is acutally 
> smaller than the original powered-by graphic.
> I'd also like (if it's possible) to put the server
> string on the first
> page (e.g. the .shtml extension, although they
> aren't enabled in home
> directories on this box.)
> Bill
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