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From David Bronson <>
Subject Re: NO SPAM - MIT study on Apache Open Source Software
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2001 00:31:08 GMT
Gifts go a long way to promote good will ;-). Many of the questions appear to be from an IIs
point of view that the server should do everything from routing to firewalling to accepting
credit cards. A shift in perspective to a more modular thought I think will be helpful.

David Bronson

On Tue, Apr 17, 2001 at 06:49:12PM -0400, nik franke wrote:

> A note from Ben Hyde, member of the Apache Software Foundation
> This note is a quick "letter of introduction" for the attached survey. The
> folks at MIT asked that I introduce them since they are afraid you all will
> flame, or ignore them. Don't disappoint them, flame away :-). 
> Eric von Hippel has been doing some fascinating work over the last several
> years on how new product innovation takes place. The primary conclusion of
> that
> work has been that more often than not the real innovation comes from users of
> products rather than from the companies that build them. In a sense the
> companies aggregate the innovations provided by their customers and turn
> around
> and sell them back. 
> Not surprisingly Eric and his friends at MIT have gotten pretty interested in
> Open Source. You could argue that what Open Source does is cut out the
> middleman in the process. To focus on their work on Open Source they have
> founded the MIT Open Source Research Lab. 
> I'm looking forward to seeing the result of the following survey, please help
> us all by filling it out. 
> Ben Hyde
> Apache Software Foundation
> Dear Apache users:
> This questionnaire deals with Apache security features and will take 15-20
> minutes to fill out. All information will be treated as confidential and will
> not be used for any commercial purpose. 
> Your reward will come in heaven (much, much later!) and in the form of a
> WONDERFUL MIT T-SHIRT (now!) :-) (size and shipping information in the
> questionnaire). Thank you!! If you are interested we will be happy to send you
> a summary of the results.
> If you have any questions or concerns regarding this study please contact us
> at: or 617 253-6370. 
> Thank you very much and best regards
> Eric von Hippel
> Nik Franke
> Nik Franke
> MIT Sloan School of Management 
> Room E52-580 Suite
> 50 Memorial Drive 
> Cambridge, MA 02139 
> Office Phone: 617-253-6370 
> Office Fax: 617-253-2660 
> Home Phone: 617-441 0886
> e-mail: 
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