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From Chris Pepper <>
Subject Re: prototype FAQ
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2001 13:54:15 GMT
At 9:18 PM -0800 2001/03/01, Joshua Slive wrote:
>Okay, after taking a few days break from this issue, here is what I am
>willing to do.  Anyone who has an interest in this, please let me know
>which you prefer:
>1. Adapt my prototype to the following concerns:
>- Add numbering in the indexes

	I thought Ken had removed his veto, as long as there were 
reasonably meaningful and memorable mnemonics (instead of numbers) 
for each Q.

>- Remove the "background" section

	I kinda like this section -- shame we can't number it 0, if 
we're getting rid of the section numbers. If you do decide to pull 
it, please keep it around so we can consider putting it back after 
we've lived with the rest of the new FAQ for a while.

>- Figure out some way to make it viewable as a single page

	I would specifically like to make a policy decision, that 
we'd link to the individual subpages instead of the unified page 
(which is basically just includes). This makes management and 
link-testing easier, and avoids throwing the whole thing at people 
who just want one question answered. Right now, most of internal 
links within the FAQ go to FAQ-C.html or whatever, but Rotate is to 

	I would also like to focus on the FAQ as individual pages, 
and try to simplify the include process.

>This would not have the "multi-level hierarchy" that some people have
>suggested, even though I agree that would be nice.  I'm trying to keep
>things simple.


	VOTE: #1 -- adapt 2.0 prototype.


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