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From "David Reid" <>
Subject Re: prototype FAQ
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2001 12:31:21 GMT

Thanks for your summary.  Have we at least agreed that we want to move to
some sort of generated FAQ?  If we have then I'll volunteer to have a look
at some packages and post some results here.  If we haven't reached that
point yet then I'm +1 on #1 for the time being as it seems to have the
lowest work/results ratio while keeping us moving forward.


> Okay, after taking a few days break from this issue, here is what I am
> willing to do.  Anyone who has an interest in this, please let me know
> which you prefer:
> 1. Adapt my prototype to the following concerns:
> - Add numbering in the indexes
> - Remove the "background" section
> - Think a little more about what sections should be included and start
> with a more complete list
> - Figure out some way to make it viewable as a single page
> This would not have the "multi-level hierarchy" that some people have
> suggested, even though I agree that would be nice.  I'm trying to keep
> things simple.
> 2. Keep the current FAQ and just remove most of the questions.  Hope that
> sometime in the near future, one of the FAQ-O-Matic type systems will be
> good enough to replace it, or someone will come up with a better idea.
> 3. Leave it be and let someone else deal with it.
> Votes?
> Joshua.
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