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From Chris Pepper <>
Subject Re: prototype FAQ
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2001 15:28:13 GMT
At 6:27 AM -0500 2001/02/23, Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:
>Joshua Slive wrote:
>>  4. Changed the format of the Q&A to <h3>s rather than a big
>>  <ol>.  There is no longer any numbering in the FAQ.
>-1.  I often refer people to specific questions by number.
>Hard-code them into the <h3> if you like, but use an <ol>
>for the index.  And continue to have a link for a single massive
>all-inclusive page -- otherwise printing is a major PITA.

	I'd be happy to have each Q/A tagged with a unique fragment 
extracted from its name. Are the numbers themselves important to you, 

>  > I believe we should just give up on the idea of having a
>>  plain-text FAQ to post to usenet.  That created a bunch of
>>  complication and nobody every actually did it anyway.
>-1.  Just because it has not been done does *not* mean we
>should make it more difficult to do than it already is.
>Besides, it is still on my to-do list.

	This seems much less important to me than the request to have 
a monolithic version available for printing, which isn't an issue for 
me personally, but I can see the point of. If we have a monolithic 
HTML version, I'm happy to have a lynx or fairly dumb HTML parser 
strip it to text, should we ever need it. Please remove the veto on 
making ASCIIfying any more difficult than it already is; if you have 
a requirement that it be *feasible*, and we keep that in mind as an 
objective, we have a lot more room to work

	Is it truly complicated to build a simplified SSI page that 
just INCLUDES all the individual pages, so we can not worry about 
this in writing individual pages, and maybe end up with a little 
extra content? Does using header/footer includes for everything 
except <body> in the individual FAQ pages make this easier to do and 
maintain? FAQ.html looks complicated but not monstrous now.

	I'd be perfectly happy with an index page linking to all the 
questions on individual pages, and each page replicating its own 
section of the index (to be fancy, we could have the index page build 
itself sequentially from the individual page indices to avoid sync 
issues, but that's a secondary optimization).

	Then complete.shtml could concatenate head.shtml, 
index.shtml, faq*.shtml, and footer.shtml for printing or mailing.


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