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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject prototype FAQ
Date Fri, 23 Feb 2001 06:00:20 GMT
There is prototype of the new FAQ at:

I've tried to incorporate everyone's ideas here.  I think the more open
criteria that Marc suggests is the best way to go.  However, we need to be
very careful that the "important" questions are easily located.  In
addition, I hope that most technical answers will be along the lines of
"The answer is located in <a href="...">this document</a>."

Basically what I've done is:
1. Create a new FAQ directory.
2. Create an "index" page which lists the different categories of the FAQ,
along with a description of what type of questions are contained in that
3. Started to fill in the first two categories.
4. Changed the format of the Q&A to <h3>s rather than a big <ol>.  There
is no longer any numbering in the FAQ.

I believe we should just give up on the idea of having a plain-text FAQ to
post to usenet.  That created a bunch of complication and nobody every
actually did it anyway.

If there are questions that I have not transferred that people believe
must be in the 2.0 FAQ right away, please let me know.  In general, I
believe it is best to actually wait and see what the "frequently asked
questions" turn out to be.

Comments/Suggestions very welcome.


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