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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: What should be done for Japanese translation of man pages?
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2001 18:49:24 GMT

On 22 Feb 2001, Yoshiki Hayashi wrote:

> A contributor of Apache HTTPD Japanese Documentation Project
> translated some man pages into Japanese.  But I'm not sure
> how to handle them.
> I think the expected way is to add original man page and let
> converter generate HTML files.  However, there are some
> problems.

Yes, this seems like the best way to do it.  However, if it is too much
trouble, you might want to just commit the html translation and forget
about the nroff crap.

>   Japanese manpages encoding is usually euc-jp.  I don't
>   know Joshua's program can handle it (if it is 8bit clean,
>   probably it is OK).  If program runs fine, then you have to
>   convert it to iso-2022-jp.

I don't really know either.  It uses mostly c-lib string manipulation, but
there are a couple funky things to handle overstrike/bold, etc.  I am
attaching the code to this message.  (It is very ugly, but it basically
works. See the comments at the top for usage.)

I am willing to try it out myself if you give me all the details, but you
should realize I know almost nothing about character-set issues.

>   Where should I put translated man pages?  Create ja
>   directory and put translations there?

Sounds right to me.

>   httpd-docs-1.3 does not have man directory.  I need to
>   bother someone else to add those files.

Just post them to the list as [PATCH]s and (hopefully!) someone will pick
them up.

Is there any standard for how operating system vendors and other handle
the issue of multi-lingual manual pages?


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