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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Proposal: Trash the 2.0 FAQ.
Date Tue, 20 Feb 2001 20:42:02 GMT

Proposal: Remove essentially all the questions/answers from the 2.0 FAQ.
Leave only perhaps half a dozen of the most general questions.  Add a
reference at the top of the FAQ telling people to look in the 1.3 FAQ for
questions that are not answered in the 2.0 FAQ.


- The 1.3 FAQ is borderline unmanageable, both from a maintainer and a user
perspective.  It just has too much stuff in it.  It will be almost
impossible to highlight important 2.0 FAQs because of all the garbage left
over from 1.3.

- A large number of questions in the 1.3 FAQ will be obsolete in 2.0
either because
a) The features have changed in 2.0
b) The issues no longer exist (eg. broken libraries, etc)
c) The issue has been documented elsewhere.

- On the last point, the FAQ has become somewhat of a documentation
crutch.  Instead of properly fixing the documentation to address important
issues in context, the FAQ has been used as a "quick fix".  I think the
documentation is improving to the point where this is less necessary, and
hopefully it will improve further in the future.



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