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From Cliff Woolley <>
Subject RE: urlmapping - take 2
Date Sat, 17 Feb 2001 04:58:33 GMT
> > Oh, and you might want to call 'Files Outside the DocumentRoot' simply
> > 'Aliases'.

> I'll think about that.  I have found some people don't really understand
> what an "alias" is.  On IIS, they are called "virtual folders", which I
> think is even more confusing.

'Virtual folders'... blech.  Anyway, the reason I suggest using 'Aliases' is
it's a good as a reference.  People who come to the document wanting to know
"What does this term mean?" can just look at the top in the index, pick the
term they're confused about, then jump down and find out exactly what an
Alias is and what it does.  And it doesn't add any burden on the person
who's reading the document straight through, as they probably don't care
much about the headings anyway.  The term 'Alias' is used throughout
Apache... shielding people from it in this document probably doesn't do them
much good (especially since THIS is the document they'd go to to find out
what it means).

My $0.02


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