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From Cliff Woolley <>
Subject RE: What should the FAQ contain? (was Re: Proposal: Trash the 2.0 FAQ.)
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2001 18:59:07 GMT
---OtherBill said:
> If we go with option 2 (which I support, as long as the user is first directed
> at the 'showstopper' class of reports) - may I suggest we start building this
> in a sightly more tree-oriented structure, rather than one (very) long list?
---David Reid said:
> Perhaps something like having a main page with the showstoppers and then a
> set of sub sections dealing with specific areas which can have more detail.


I really think this is the way to go.  There's too much information to put it
all in one big document, but it's also nice to have a FAQ-style summary of the
issues, even if it's just references into the main documentation.  A tree-style
FAQ should resolve this.


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