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From "David Reid" <>
Subject Re: prototype FAQ
Date Sun, 25 Feb 2001 19:06:39 GMT
> > > > If we can do all this then I'll be +1 :), but presently I'm -0.5 on
> > > > sample you created.
> >
> > I do have a comment about your posting.  The subject line on the email
> > led me to the sample was "prototype FAQ".
> Sorry if that was misleading.  I certainly never meant to say I was going
> to commit without feedback.

I never really thought you would, just that the subject line seemed a bit
dramatic was all!

> Thanks very much for your additional comments.  Unfortunately, things are
> getting more and more complicated.

Yeah, they normally do that!
> Regarding any sort of "templating" system.  I certainly support this, but
> it seems to me that the technology for this is very much in flux, and I
> have no idea what is a good long-term way to implement this.  In addition,
> I don't see any point in doing it just for the FAQ (although perhaps the
> FAQ could be the first thing looked at).

That was the intention I had in mind, although I may not have articulated it

> The entire set of documentation
> and the entire set of web sites could use a similar system.  It is a huge
> job even to begin a project like that, and I don't have the experience to
> do it well.

Well, there are people around who've tackled such jobs, so just keep asking
questions and they'll normally jump in with answers.

> There are "FAQ-O-Matic" type applications out there (See a FAQ related
> thread from last week).  However, I'm not sure that we really want to
> replace our official FAQ with one of those.  Do others disagree?

Hmmm, I was thinking more of apps that allow you to have the data in one
place and publish an FAQ.  I mean, I've done some work with technology that
allows documents to be made into a pdf on the fly, so it'd be cool if when
it came to printing the user could specify the questions they wanted and it
created a pdf with just those questions on it.  (OK, so I'm dreaming but
it's a nice thgouht isn't it :))  Going even further into dream land it'd be
cool if we could do it for the entire documentation.  why not have a central
store that we dump into html for a release of the server but allow people to
access it in a lot of different formats from the main web site?  (I'll wake
up now!)

> At a certain point, we may need to choose a 'second best' solution here so
> that we can move on and do it.

Yeah, and I guess it'll just be a series of html pages :)

Anyway, I hit freshmeat with a search for faq and this is a selection of
what I got...

(NB I didn't really care about the licence/perl/python/c/c++ etc this is
just a list.)  (sample is broken - doh!)

I'd have to say that none are perfect and they do all focus on FAQ's.


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