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From Chris Pepper <>
Subject Re: Language Negotiation: "No Acceptable Variant"
Date Mon, 29 Jan 2001 14:35:59 GMT
	I agree with James -- this should be solved with a directive, 
not additional files or symlinks. The case I was thinking of is a 
Japanese mirror of, where they can mirror the 
'master' content tree exactly, but specify in their local httpd.conf 
which language to 'prefer'.

	I don't love the current suffixes -- agree with Ken(?) it 
causes confusion between .html and .en on the same file, but it's the 
best we've got. I think we should avoid making '.html' a special 
language code if we can.

	A DefaultLanguage directive (defaulting to en), specifying 
the preferred language(s) for browsers that don't specify their own 
preference, seems like the right way to do it.

						Chris Pepper

At 9:18 AM +0000 2001/01/29, James Sutherland wrote:
>On Sun, 28 Jan 2001, Joshua Slive wrote:
>>  A quick look at the error logs on shows almost 500 "No
>>  Acceptable Variant" errors so far today.  Many of these errors are caused
>>  by people with misconfigured browsers trying to deal with our new
>>  language-negotiated manual.  (I am defining "misconfigured" as not
>>  including "en" for english in their browser language preferences, although
>  > that is an admittedly english-centric view of things.)

>Could we have an explicit "default language" - .default? Or a
>DefaultLanguage config directive, saying "If we don't have a page in the
>language they asked for, use this one"?

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