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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: httpd-docs-2.0 commit message
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2001 23:08:45 GMT
On Wed, 3 Jan 2001, Roy T. Fielding wrote:
> I didn't update it because what Ken did won't work -- it ends up
> changing the mail address for those commits that *start* with a
> file under that module.  I don't like such unpredictable behavior.
> I wish I had a solution, but I don't, and I'm afraid that I can't
> think of any reason why the docs people shouldn't be reading
> *all* of the commit messages and doing their own filtering,
> if necessary, according to what they want to read.  Use procmail
> or Outlook or whatever.

The reasons is: barriers to entry.  The whole point of the documentation
project is to make it easy for non-coders to be able to contribute
documentation.  The present state may result in the following:

1. Less participation because some people aren't willing to take the extra
steps necessary; and/or

2. Less effective participation because some people will not subscribe to
the cvs list and will therefore not be aware of what is going on.

In my opinion, the goal should be to create the system which works best
for the developers, not the system which is easiest to administer.  If it
absolutely can't be done, then I guess we'll need to live without it,
but I think it will be a significant loss to the productivity of the


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