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From Chris Pepper <>
Subject Re: directive "syntax"
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2000 16:56:16 GMT
At 9:45 PM -0500 2000/12/04, Rich Bowen wrote:
>Joshua Slive wrote:

>  > <p>Samples:</p>
>>  <blockquote>
>>  Syntax: SampleDirective1 <em>MandatoryArg</em> [<em>OptionalArg</em>]<br>
>>  Syntax: SampleDirective2 on|off|default<br>
>>  Syntax: SampleDirective3 <em>hostname</em> [<em>hostname</em>]
>  > </blockquote>

>Note also that there is already a Default definition that appears with
>each directive, so it is not necessary to specify the default in the
>Syntax definition.

	I like having the Default also visible in the Syntax section, 
and suggest that the default value always appear first. In other 
words, if WhackyDirective defaults to on, Syntax would be:

Syntax: WhackyDirective on|off<br>

	If off is the default, that should go first. I'd like the 
defaults bold too, but that might be too busy.


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