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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Re: Converting docs to XHTML
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2000 21:05:33 GMT
Guille -bisho- wrote:
> >There is a proposal outstanding on the apache-docs list to convert the
> >docs to XHTML.  The reasons for this are:
> [...]
> And why not go directly to XML???

Because writing XML by hand sucks, and the existing XML development
tools suck worse.

I write in POD, because it allows me to write content without having to
stop every 12 seconds to think about formatting. Writing in just about
any "markup language" is icky, because it hinders the flow of content.
Using WYSIWYG tools is icky, because it invariably produces bad *ML.

One needs to pick somethat is a moderate middle ground - something that
has a manageable way to write content, so that there is not such a high
barrier to entry that you drive off all your authors. It's going to hard
enough to get a decent pod2xhtml converter without going to XML.

Yes, I can be educated, and I can write HTML (or *ML) if necessary. But
I'd rather not. I enjoy writing. I hate formatting and markup languages.
It's not a natural part of writing. Since that part is, however, a
necessary evil, I'd like to limit how evil it is. XML would push it past
my evil tolerance.

Of, course, that's just my $0.02, and may not count for much. If XML has
any real benefits, I can be persuaded. XML has, for a long time, struck
me as something that "everyone" thinks is wonderful, but in actual
practice does not have any real benefits.

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