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From "Roy T. Fielding" <>
Subject htdocs
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2000 11:52:33 GMT
Somewhere in between my checking all the tags (which turned
out to be there after all, aside from a few files) and removing
a bunch of Attic'd stuff simply because someone changed their mind
on a directory name (all the files had no tags), I forgot what
I was doing and made the change to httpd-docs-2.0 before the
general reorg.  It is now possible to checkout apache-2.0 and
actually get what we want without any errors.

I don't think it will make any difference to older copies, but
if you get an error from an update of httpd-docs-2.0 or apache-2.0,
then try moving your existing copy to a different name and do
a clean checkout.

Note that the only reason to directly checkout httpd-docs-2.0 is
if you don't have permission or karma sufficient to checkout a
writable apache-2.0.  Furthermore, httpd-docs-2.0 no longer has
the ability to checkout (and write) the header files (apidoc).
If you have changes to those files, you need to send a patch
to the new-httpd mailing list.

The lameness on my part is that we'll probably replace apache-2.0 with
httpd-2.0 sometime late Friday night, so don't bother to check out
a fresh copy unless you plan on working on it today.

BTW, the load on seems to be jumping above 450 at
regular intervals (every five minutes or so).  I have no idea why,
other than the observation that it looks like an unruly spider
hitting the swish-e and mysqld content.   This was (painfully)
observed from 1am-3am.


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