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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject [Win32] 1.3.15; my mod_foo.dll question on the table
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2000 23:45:21 GMT
> wrowe       00/12/19 15:22:15
>   Modified:    src      Apache.dsp Apache.dsw ApacheCore.dsp
>                src/ap   ap.dsp
>                src/lib/expat-lite xmlparse.dsp xmltok.dsp
>                src/lib/sdbm sdbm.dsp
>                src/main gen_test_char.dsp gen_uri_delims.dsp
>                src/os/win32 ApacheModuleAuthAnon.dsp
>                         ApacheModuleAuthDBM.dsp ApacheModuleAuthDigest.dsp
>                         ApacheModuleCERNMeta.dsp ApacheModuleDigest.dsp
>                         ApacheModuleExpires.dsp ApacheModuleHeaders.dsp
>                         ApacheModuleInfo.dsp ApacheModuleProxy.dsp
>                         ApacheModuleRewrite.dsp ApacheModuleSpeling.dsp
>                         ApacheModuleStatus.dsp ApacheModuleUserTrack.dsp
>                         ApacheOS.dsp
>                src/os/win32/win9xconhook Win9xConHook.dsp
>                src/regex regex.dsp
>                src/support htdigest.dsp htpasswd.dsp logresolve.dsp
>                         rotatelogs.dsp
>   Removed:     src/modules/proxy ApacheModuleProxy.dsp
>                         ApacheModuleProxy.mak
>   Log:
>     Round out the Win32 build.  Changes include:
>       ApacheModuleProxy.dsp moved to os/win32 with the rest of them
>         (yes, all could move the their respective folders, this was the
>          path of least resistance.)
>       All compilation and linkage tags are identical, no incremental tags
>         CPP /Gm removed, /incremental:no consistently applied, and the
>         exception handling /GX was removed from release builds.
>       Every lib builds to LibD/LibR directories.  Every executable and
>         dynamic module builds to Debug/Release directories.  /Fd"name" tags
>         force .pdb/.idb files to be named as the project, rather than VC##.
>       Assure the build works correctly, and is similar to the normal style.

Outch ... that was mind numbing... on to httpd-2.0, but first a word from 
the trenches...

I'm really disgusted that Win32 uses the "ApacheModuleFoo.dll" naming 
convention, in stark contrast to anything in the typical unix build, but
even worse, in contradiction to everything in the manual.

Production Win32 users will be stuck for the next six months with the 1.3 
series, and longer if the modules they require aren't ported to 2.0.

I beg, -please- let me make a -real- change to the Win32 build, and rename all
this cruft to -real-module-names-!  I'll have it done by 10pm tonight if the
Win32 users here will tolerate it.

This is a real change, but going to the apache-docs mission of good docs.
If development doesn't correspond to what users read, we are rather sunk.
The change may be hard on long time Win32 users, but these are the folks that
can read a directory listing (no, they don't move, they stay in Apache.)

Win32 users, please ack if you are for/against/don't care.


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