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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject RE: Going nuts
Date Fri, 29 Dec 2000 17:06:14 GMT
> From: Rodent of Unusual Size [mailto:Ken.Coar@Golux.Com]
> Sent: Friday, December 29, 2000 5:30 AM
> apache-docs is its own list.

Here we are agreed (about the conversations, that is).  They are
two seperate discussions (although I archive them together myself.)

This isn't to say that either group should be ignorant of the other,
but for developers _or_ documentors with limited time the traffic
on the lists precludes them from being one list.

> httpd-docs-{1.3,2.0}-cvs were alii, pointing to apache-docs and 
> apache-cvs.  This was done to ensure that developers couldn't 
> choose to be ignorant of what was being written about their code.

Even if they can ignore ongoing discussion (how do I contribute,
which translation is preferred, etc...) _anything_ that touches
Apache should hit the cvs@apache org list for developers to be
aware of.  This is goodness.

> However, since the docco project is about much more than just 
> documenting the code, there is no need for the documenters to 
> see all the code changes.

Agreed, rather nice the way you tossed the .h files at them so
they can see when the big picture changes, and ignore the details.

> I originally wanted to keep the two separate, but the loud
> comments on new-httpd (again, ISTR it was largely Marc)
> resulted in the above.  I'm with Brian; I'm willing to
> reconfigure this however the consensus wants it -- but
> anyone who wants to change it should first check the archives
> to see how and why we arrived at the current situation.

Ok ... you can stop giving apache-docs the headers and have one
entirely seperate docs-cvs list (a bad thing, IMHO).

Or we simply create a docs-cvs alias that recieves httpd-docs-cvs
plus the relevant .h file changes from httpd-cvs.  These commits
also go to  So 

  every coder subscribed to the is notified of
  every commit (this happens now).

  any docco folks that subscribe to are notifed
  of all pertinant commits (this happens now through -this- list.)

  coders + docco folks who want to follow the apache-docs list will
  recieve no commit notifications through this mail list.

The last point is the one I care about.  Objections or comments
from anyone here?  This means you would need to subscribe to two
lists, one for discussion, and a new list for commits to Apache 
headers and the docs.  But if you wanted to see every change to
Apache, don't subscribe to the docs-cvs list, and subscribe to 
the full list instead, and you would no longer get duplicate 
notifications.  If you are a translator, you would not -have- to
get notifications at all.

And Cliff (and others), any contributor is welcome to comment on
this, I know many of you are new to the project, but I'm sure Ken,
Brian and I all would like your opinions, since this forum was
created _for_you_!


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