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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject RE: Going nuts
Date Fri, 29 Dec 2000 02:10:08 GMT
Folks, I'm moving one part of my questions over to your list to see
if we don't have some happy way to satisfy everyone.

I'm subscribed to the cvs list for httpd, so I get all the commits over
there.  I'm subscribed to the apache-docs list, so I'm getting all the
commits here too.

Is it unreasonable to have a apache-docs-cvs list to subscribe to if
you don't want to see the every apache-cvs message?  It would mean the
traffic for httpd-docs-1.3-cvs and httpd-docs-2.0-cvs would go to that
apache-docs-cvs list instead.  If you ever decide you would rather see
every commit (maybe watching for folks to add new features) then you
would likely unsubscribe to apache-docs-cvs, and subscribe to apache-cvs.
Then you would see every apache cvs post, including the docs.

Sorry if this is nitpicky, but I'd rather we have two docco lists than
discorage httpd folks who want to watch (and help out with) docco work.


The original discussion follows, which (appropriately) pointed this
discussion back here :-)

> From: Brian Behlendorf []
> Sent: Thursday, December 28, 2000 7:21 PM
> On Thu, 28 Dec 2000, William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
> > Which ezlm lists are dependent on which other lists???  I just figured out
> > that a subscription to apache-docs (a message list) also adds the cvs
> > commits for the docs repositories - which are already captured by any
> > subscription to
> No, for clarification, (where commit
> messages for the httpd-docs-1.3 CVS module go, as usual) is not a full
> mailing list, as other module-CVS lists often (but not always) are; it, by
> deliberate decision of those who configured this, forwards to both the
> mailing list, and the
> alias, which forwards to, which is a full mailing
> list.  Do a s/1.3/2.0/ for all of the above for commits to the
> httpd-docs-2.0 tree.  Aside from the issue that all the apache- instances
> on the LHS of the @ in the above examples should be httpd-, that looks
> fine.  
> I'm happy to change this configuration if asked, but it has to be clear
> that the decision is made by a consensus of those affected.  Either the
> subscribers don't want to see commit messages, or
> the subscribers don't.  Either way, I'm happy to
> make the change, but not for a single person who doesn't like it.
> > Can we please let the apache-docs folks have a different list for their
> > subset of the commit messages, so those who are willing and able to follow
> > don't have to pick up everything two or three times?
> Could you take this issue up on the apache-docs mailing list, and/or the
> apache-cvs mailing list at the same time, and find out who does or doesn't
> want the commit messages on their lists?
> I'm happy to create a new list just for doc commit messages.  However,
> this issue does not affect all

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