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From Chris Pepper <>
Subject Re: HTML3.2 -> HTML4.0
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2000 22:13:03 GMT
At 4:16 PM -0500 2000/11/28, Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:
>James A Sutherland wrote:

>Chris wrote:
>>          Don't know, but if we do the switch by hand, I'd like to use
>>  .shtml or something instead of the .html to make headers & footers
>>  easier to distinguish. This may also make it easier to do the change
>>  over time -- header.shtml can be the newer larger header, and any
>>  hits on header.html in *.html are old files to fix.
>Perhaps I did miss the point.  In which case I don't see what the
>point actually is here.  Chris?

	Unless someone volunteers to do the change in one night, I 
expect we'll have a period where some files use the old header.html 
and some use the new one. Cleanup in this situation is eased if we 
don't use the same name for the old (partial) and new (complete) 
headers & footers. I picked header.shtml & footer.shtml because 
someone else mentioned these names, and they make searching for pages 
to update particularly easy. I'm also fine with header-new.html or 
header-big.html, if we prefer.

>  > I don't see what you mean about "the effect on the repository",
>>  either: it's a simple change to the HTML files in it.
>Renaming files inside a repository creates headaches.  Lots of
>headaches.  Big ones.  Adding new files, as I now understand
>Chris to be saying, doesn't create headaches, just possibly some

	No renaming. We'd create new header/footer files, update the 
existing pages to use them, then delete the old header/footer files. 
I think this is a net gain, as it avoids confusion when there are two 
different headers/footers.

>  > Or "freeze" the docs from a server with SSI enabled.
>That's what's essentially done now, except it isn't done through
>the Web, but by a script.  Take a look at the 'how to roll a release'
>document on to see how it's currently done.

	I'm not hooked on .shtml -- it's just convenient for the doc 
writing/updating project. Not a big enough win to push to change the 
build process.

	On the other hand, it seems odd to be using SSI and something 
other than Apache to 'expand' it, but this is fundamentally a 
different issue.


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