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From Chris Pepper <>
Subject Re: Automated link checker.
Date Mon, 20 Nov 2000 17:34:52 GMT
At 9:12 AM -0800 2000/11/20, Joshua Slive wrote:
>Does anyone know a good (and quick to install) automated link checker?
>I'd like to be able to run something on my checked-out copy of the
>docs to find all those stupid broken links.

	BBEdit <> is 
great, and can do a whole tree, but you need a Mac.

	<> can do up to 150 
Internet-accessible pages; source available.


>I've tried "site valet", which is very good, but it seems to
>have a problem with doing requests for "core.html#timeout"
>because it seems to forget that the "#timeout" part is not
>supposed to be sent to the server.

	BBEdit can optionally check link case, and can also do HTML 
syntax checking and host BBTidy, an HTMLTidy plug-in. Good stuff.

						Chris Pepper

Chris Pepper     | Shooting Gallery Interactive | 212 905-2200
Mac OS X Software:   <>

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