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From Chris Pepper <>
Subject Re: main page
Date Wed, 01 Nov 2000 21:25:58 GMT
At 12:40 PM -0800 2000/11/01, Joshua Slive wrote:
>On Wed, 1 Nov 2000, Chris Pepper wrote:
>>  At 10:14 AM -0800 2000/11/01, Joshua Slive wrote:
>>  >- Should we change the headers of the other pages to match this page (with
>>	How hard is it? Is there a logical juncture to change the
>>  whole thing? Is there a reason to keep the DOCTYPE out of an SSI
>>  include?
>The doctype can't go in the SSI, becuase the <title> for each document
>needs to be different, os you would need one SSI above the title and
>one below.

	Would be nice if SSI could to take a 'variable' for the 
<title>. Lots of people could then have the whole head as one SSI, 
alleviating problems like this.

>I could just do a few lines of perl and replace all the doctypes.  If
>people think that is the right way to go, then I will consider it.  I'm
>just not so happy about having to commit a change to every single file in
>the repository.  (It is not that much work, but it just seems a little
>scary to me.)

	Is there a natural inflection point when this becomes more 
appropriate -- with 1.4, or 2.0, or when many files will be have to 
be touched anyway?


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