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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject my cvs screw-up
Date Wed, 22 Nov 2000 20:07:32 GMT
OK, I messed up when I made the platform directory:

I copied win_compiling.html,v onto BOTH
platform/win_compiling.html,v AND platform/windows.html,v.
(In other words, I trashed windows.html.)

Now, I can easily get the content back, but I am not sure
how to get the CVS history back correctly, given that
my "cvs delete" moved the windows.html file from manual/
into the attic.

Can anyone tell me what the best way to recover this is?
Or, should I just repair the content and forget about
the CVS history of this file?

Joshua Slive
Phone: (604) 822-1871

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