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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject main page
Date Wed, 01 Nov 2000 18:14:59 GMT
You will probably notice I comitted my latest version of the main doc

This is NOT intended to close debate on the subject.  I just decided that
it was time to move the debate to a new starting point.  Not having the
new page was holding up some other stuff. Suggestions/patches/whatever are
still very welcome.

Some of the outstanding issues from my perspective:

- Two or three columns?  On my high-res monitors, the two column display
is nicer, but I can see how it could involve lots of scrolling on
lower-res displays.  We can't please everyone, but what is the best

- Should we change the headers of the other pages to match this page (with
the quick links at the top)> The problem with doing this is, as noted
before, it will involve including HTML 4.0 in docs marked as HTML3.2. I
can change the header very easily because it is an SSI, but the <doctype>
is hardcoded into each file, so it is not easy to change.

- I think we still need a "site map" which lists in a simple (tree?)
format every page in the documentation.  Does anyone want to take a crack
at this?

Joshua Slive
Phone: (604) 822-1871

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